Interests groups for purchase and development

The AGW serves as a communication platform for knowledge transfer between the member enterprises and to unite partners in search of solutions. Nowadays there are several such special co-operations in the network of the AGW.

1 Financing
The AGW-securitisation:
The innovative capital-solution for the housing industry
Twenty-one enterprises of the AGW have initiated a securitisation platform, which is available for the whole housing industry today.
For the first time a financial instrument makes it also possible for small and middle sized enterprises of the German housing industry to refinance directly from the capital market by means of a so-called Asset-Backed-Commercial-Paper-Program (ABCP).

2 Telecommunications
The main object of the limited partnership WoWi Media is the composition of interests of the housing industry in the area of telecommunications. The WoWi Media is a shareholder of the limited partnership ImmoMediaNet, an open platform of the German housing industry, which bundles cable systems nation wide. With a view to their mutual benefit, the housing enterprises take part in the expansion of the cable industry. As a result WoWi Media can ensure attractive product offers and price stability for their tenants.

Chairman of advisory board: Mr. Klaus Stadler

General Partner: limited partnership WoWi Media Management
German local court Hamburg, HRB 78243
Managing director: Dr. Thomas Krebs

3 Insurance
AVW Assekuranzvermittlung der Wohnungswirtschaft
GmbH & Co. KG

The main business activity of the AVW is the support and consultation with housing enterprises and third-parties in insurance related circumstances, as well as the risk transfer by procuring suitable insurances. This includes particularly the examination of the cost effectiveness and the content of the insurances policies, as well as their optimization by basic agreements and suitable covering concepts.

German local court Hamburg HRA 96126

General Partner: VBV Versicherungsmakler und Beteiligungsverwaltung GmbH (Limited partnership VBV Insurance agent and participation management)

Managing director: Mr. René Hennig and Mr. Hartmut Rösler

4 Software
The syndicate of larger GES Customers (IGG) have combined their interests in relation to their respective software providers to assist them with the development of their products.

A greater number of residential data customers have formed an initiative whose aim it is to secure the long-term development of their residential economic programs. GWG Munich is responsible for coordinating the initiative.