Strategies for change!

Today the working group of large housing enterprises (AGW)” is mainly influenced by fundamental change processes in society, politics and economics and their effects on the real estate economy.

1950 Establishment in the war-destroyed Germany

the establishment of the AGW in the war-destroyed Germany in the year 1950 and the reconstruction achievements of the enterprises, as well as the enormous increases in the capital value of their assets.

from 1960 transition from the former “non-profit character”

the transition from the former “non-profit character” of the enterprises, in addition to the increasing variations of their business models, their successful positioning in the market and the responsible handling of their new liberties.

from 1989 dealing with the consequences reunification

the coming to terms with the consequences of the German reunification, and the active and successful integration of the former East-Germany enterprises on the basis of mutual co-operation;.

from 2000 Contribution to European unification

the formative contribution to the process of European unification, the recognition and the constructive and critical handling of the effects of globalization, and internationalization of economics, society, politics and corporations.

The real estate industry and thus the AGW members have to allow for the consequences of these changes into their business calculations. The ever increasing variations within the regional housing and property markets combined with the effects of globalization, as well as the transformation of the ownership structures, define the requirements of the future.